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[JTL 117] TV Series Mind Patterns Decomposition part 4

Continuing on TV series, movies brainwashing series:
 Last time I was exploring the points within Self-forgiveness that why I allowed myself to have the tendency for go after experience, as defined interesting the film, movie in comparison to disregard my direct reality.

 The belief, the fear that without experience itself I am not existing, therefore striving towards an experience what I am being attracted to - which is positive.

 "I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel separated from experience and defining experience as who I am and by that defining experience by my judgments, reactions."

 Meaning that even when having an experience - not directly - but separated through judgments, layers, backchats, thoughts, qualities, polarities of the mind, which will result in an energetic experience - but that will remain as separated as the previous one as my starting point as who I am is not directly myself but within separation through and AS the mind with the reactions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, definitions, pictures.

 So then to have a continuity within particular experiences - I've created patterns within reaction of the mind, the separation is consistent therefore - and then the strive, the tendency to define: will result in defining myself according to and as separation itself.

 Even when watching, reading depiction of massive abuse, murder, horror - through the separation I am reacting, and by reaction I am reacting again and that chain of experience is who I define myself to be, regardless of the subject, as horror movie; the starting point as me go into experience to disregard what is here.

 That is usually what humans are busy with and as one reaction leads to an other - the patterns become habit, habit become personality, personality becomes physical expression.

 That is why parenting is the greatest responsibility - because children learn naturally from the direct experience they are being put to: so if the parents are usually experience through thoughts, feelings, emotions, fear, worry, desire, energies: the child will learn that.

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Within understanding how our mind, our physical, the dynamics of energy works - we realize the necessity to say no of automatic reaction of thoughts, feelings, emotions and we can learn to unlearn what is not best for ourselves such as reaction of fear, anger, obsession etc.

And TV Series and Movies are not BAD unconditionally - however there are some what are simply for implant FEAR - but how we react and what we allow our mind to be programmed by these images and sounds is our responsibility.

I remember a TV Series called Under the mountain from 1983 - it was screened on Sunday mornings and I was little kid and it was about two teenage siblings trying to "fight an alien giant slug family of eight members led by a certain Mr. Wilberforce who have arrived on Earth with plans for world domination."

It was spooky as hell and anybody I know watched: freaked out, it was so dreadful, petrifying, yet I watched it through.
Last year I've watched it again to see how I see it and it was really spooky, these serious faces, shape shifter aliens disguised as funeral company and I just remember it was so terrifying for me as kid.

And yet when I spoke with workmates about it - turned out that many of us saw it and felt the same way and eventually it was defined as 'good'.

So it is not always the 'positive' experience what TV and Movies bring up - just mentioning some extremes as Saw, even James Bond: in a part he was tortured so much in his balls that it was like aaaarrrggghh.
(So it seemed reasonable in the next scene of why he was brutally aggressive within destroying his enemies utterly).

So within separation from experience - in the mind - as an other experience - it is all compartmentalized - definitions, layers, images, words, thoughts, feelings, emotions - and the common denominator here, regardless of positive or negative is: energy itself.

So after all it is about energy - for our mind it is irrelevant that positive or negative - just has to be in the threshold and then the mind moves - and the being(as Life as innocent, pure, direct physical expression) is suppressed through the intensity of experience within and as the mind.

And when one goes out to the street, everything is calm, peaceful, old ones crawl around, kids play, shop is being refilled, it might even seem so normal, that it is not that intense - boring. Especially when one has limited resources - money - can't just go to Cuba or some tropical beach - has to remain within the hamster wheel of working-entertainment-resting triangle for ever.

Then going home, turning on the TV - and all of those shiny, loud, perfect visuals in the advertisements and then the out bursting, sensory overloading Movie, TV trailers are being showed - it is just intense - becomes interesting, entertainment becomes drug, becomes living.

And within the TV and movie everything happens is beyond normal, it is just astonishing - the perfect love, the perfect crime, the perfect superhuman depicted in the perfect angle composed by sound, musical and visual artists.

Then one looks up from the TV, and an other garbage truck comes to noise around. Polarity. Starting point. Experience. Mind.

Especially looking the real news - everything is boiling up - no help, no chance, no power one has to solve, just feeling insignificant what frustrates hell yes - so then watching things blow up already feels like salvation.

This is obviously exaggeration but for walking through mind dimensions it will do.

To be continued.

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