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[JTL 119] Self-correction: TV Series Mind Patterns part 6

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  • So walking through the layers of the TV-headed mind - to stand within presence without going into reaction is crucial - because each time I go into reaction - I prepare my next going into reaction - so in fact each time is an opportunity to understand the facts, consequences and the very starting point I go into the experience of: separation. And transcending the addiction of energy of separation from here is what we walk, step by step, reaction by reaction.

    So preparing for change, here I am giving a structural self-assistance within writing scenario-specific Self-correction statements in regards to stop reaction to Movies, Series to remain here undefined, present, directive in each moments and let go the reactions and experience everything directly here as myself as equal as one.

    When and as I experience feeling about TV Series, Movies that it is cool, groovy, hip or any related to positive - I realize - the value I bind to it is what is positive, not the film itself - so I let it go - I remain undefined, breath, presence, empty, clear and directive - I trust my whole beingness to experience as equal as one.

    When and as I feel that I should watch some interesting, fascinating TV Series, Movies - I realize the need for the specific feeling is defined within and by that definition I want to chose automatically, so I stop it - I let go the need for the feeling within the realization that I am life as living directly instead of definitions, thoughts, feelings.

    When and as I define a character, person, actor in a movie, film - I realize I define a value within myself according to the person - it is not the person I experience within reaction of definition but myself so I stop myself, I stop defining, I stop reacting.

    When and as I feel that I have to watch an episode of a Series or a movie - I realize I have automatized myself to express myself through feelings and reactions which is of definitions of the mind so I stop, I let it go - and I direct myself to apply common sense, "Am I escaping from something what is priority?".

    When and as I have a certain feeling while watching Series, Movie - I realize - I have aligned myself with the information, knowledge of the mind by definitions, thoughts, feelings which is not real but as the polarity of the mind - so when I have the feeling - I am not here as myself but as self-accepted self-automation, therefore I breathe, I let go the feeling, the need for the feeling and I explore what is beyond the feeling within presence.

    When and as I fear from not being able to see through the episodes I want to watch, I realize the fear is not real and I direct myself to become aware the value and worth I've defined to put into the episodes and I realize what I have to understand and let go to stand here undefined.

    When and as I react with fear, worry, anxiety while watching TV, Movie - I realize it is the definition of fear I experience by thinking and comparing the pictures/sounds to my life and defining it as fearful to get hurt, abused, die.

    When and as I fear from ending my life like the actors, characters depicted in TV, Movies - I realize it is not real - I am not as the actors are depicted as it is fiction for entertainment - so I remain here, calm, breathing.

    When and as I am thinking about watching series - I realize the option what I do not want to choose is to do something what is practical, useful - while watching series is like resting, entertaining, turning off for a while and not realizing that from myself, presence, Life - I can not turn off myself so I commit myself to remain myself, self-honest and directive while watching Movies, TV Series as well.

    I commit myself to remain the same when watching TV, Movies and the same when I am not watching it.

    I commit myself to apply myself and not use the backdoor-self-manipulation of polarity of the work hard presence versus lie down and just react in entertainment because then I am missing the whole point of not go any direction within the mind because by this I constantly move in and as the mind from positive to negative while I am lost in consciousness.

    I commit myself to stop identify myself with feelings what I have while watching TV, Movies.

    I commit myself to not think, define making film, movie as the most coolest thing within the realization that it is one of the many professions and it can be as good as bad - from the mind so I consider facts.

    I commit myself to realize that making TV, Movie is responsibility especially when people watch it about what I am programming into their mind and how they will react.

    When and as I define myself according to a Movie, TV character - I realize the specific feeling is what I feel myself separated from so then needing to watch somebody to do so and then identifying myself with him, with the energy, with the feeling - so then I stop it, I stop myself and I realize this is just a film.

    When and as I fear from not being able to get women without copying these male actors who play macho in TV, Movies - I realize it is not real - it is the fear of I am not good enough as who I am and to overcome/compensate the fear I allowed myself to identify with, so I stop it, I stop the desire, stop the fear, I stop myself until I am simply here.

    When and as I want to see visually perfect images within TV and Movies for feeling positive - I realize it is the definitions in the mind I use to react - and it is about the energy, the mind, the personality, not who I really am as Life.

    When and as I go after a feeling and occupy myself with it and disregard facts, what is here - I am lost in the layers of energy consciousness, so I completely stop what I do, I direct myself to re-align myself where, physical, self and I consider facts here.

    When and as I want to see images and pictures what stimulate me as attractive women, nice art, great effects - I realize the judgments of what is good is of self-interest, what is not best for all if I lose and disregard what is here, so I stop, stop defining, stop reacting.

    When and as I fight myself against watching Movie, Series - I realize conflict is not the solution - common sense is - so I consider priorities and be self-honest with myself why I want to see it and is it practical and if not - then I let it go, I re-schedule, I re-align myself and I enjoy being self-directive and move along within breathing presence.

    I realize the problem is not the Movie, Series but my starting point as who I am within watching it and what I react and how I allow myself being influenced, directed, programmed by thoughts, feelings, emotions which is not life but consciousness systems of separation of energy from physical substance.

    When and as I watch Movie, Series - I realize - I have allowed myself to have a tendency to go into experience, reaction and lose presence, lose being here as breath but react with thoughts, feelings, emotions which through I program my physical to become automatic, so I stop myself, I re-learn myself to be here within presence, silence of breath and I unlearn all reactions already programmed into me as manifested patterns of thoughts, feelings, emotions.

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