Tuesday, October 15, 2013

[JTL 120] Review, Location: TV Series Mind Patterns part 7

I am walking with the TV Series, Movie influenced Mind series with a review today of where we are now before continuing further:

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  • So I was exploring some aspects of self-acceptance in regards to thoughts, feelings, emotions on the point of TV Series, Movies.

    Walking through this I am more aware and already see the reaction becoming less 'loud' within towards film - the letting go of identification with energetic experience is a process what takes time - and not the intensity but the consistency is what relevant within absolute dedication.

    There is no reason I am doing it from thought perspective - it is just I am doing this as it is obvious how I am becoming more and more stable within myself and the thing I am writing today about is that people think, believe that by this letting go I am less 'sensitive' or 'able to' experience things what people define as positive.
    There is noting of that kind - the reason is not even the fear and detachment from the 'negative' experiences - rather than being able to slow down and stop within to a degree as self-realization that becoming aware that both polarities are of the mind - not real and beyond them is reality.
    Reality is a word what has been misused so many ways, especially when used in the context of perceptional reality - through the mind each one's reality is different.

    That is just a virtual reality - not direct, physical reality - but energetically induced within physical - experienced separated through and as the mind - so the human being is not here - only physically.
    The person I think myself to be - I define myself as preferences, likes, dislikes, fears, desires, memories, skills, possessions, obsessions - thoughts, feelings, emotions - that is not physically here - only in the human computer. And without the energy - it is nothing.
    And that energy is not direct physical energy but gained through the mind - the energetic experience, the light of the mind, the feelings, emotions, the charge, the light within - that is not who we really are but of consciousness systems manifested in and as human physical body, programmed through words.

    That is why to deal with words within awareness, direction, principle is assisting and supporting discipline, presence, stabilization and life-aware self-realization.
    As Life is not consciousness, not mind, life is the origin from we separated ourselves through the energy and physical substance but still, who we are: is here.
    Walking the words what I forgive - I disengage the reaction what has formed to be almost automatic - and I can choose.

    I walk through layers, each destonian walks through their own layers of mind and one by one investigate, forgive, realign and stop and that is the process of birthing ourselves from the physical as life, as equality as oneness.

    We see this essence within each being in existence and realize the inevitability of the practical unification so we walk ourselves day by day - what is not yet commonly understood, accepted, but still - it is who we are.

    My individual life has been around books, movies, TV series and computer games, drugs, relationships, energy and art - so these words are my personality matrix which through I can walk until I am becoming aware which aspect of me is not Self-honest and I see/realize/understand exactly the pattern and I stop.

    And the more I stop - the more I see the greater perspective and to be able to realize which is best for all is a process but from a point it is obvious: equalizing power, resources and energy in and as the physical, the mind, all ways, so then the fear, the surviving, the desire can stop and we simply start living and enjoy Self-expression in a system wherein we are able to ensure not only our greatness but others as well: equally granting the same goods what we enjoy, starting from the basics, as food, shelter, water, education, health care: this is required for each human for a healthy life.

    We are the building bricks in the system, it is not to blame, but to realize the practical way to form groups where the principle for all life can be practically measured, ensured and shared.

    That is why we propose an Equal Money System - not, because we love so much money, but who we are currently is Mind Consciousness Systems as human energy system driven by thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires and as Global Economy, Monetary System fueled by money, gold, oil, diamonds etc.

    When we group all resources and distribute to everyone to live - we give as we would like to receive - and for the first time we could trust the system what we create: that we do not have to fear from tomorrow and as our neighbor will not fear as well, they will not rob me out, they will not go to war - they will enjoy their family, their self-expression, their life.

    In the beginning of course there would be some overcomes to face - but still - through time, with proper education we could heal the paranoia, the surviving.

    Who cares how many generations it would take if we just can have chance from today? - Is not right to try our best it? I'd rather try to manifest than live a life all time saying 'well, it sucks, but that is who we are'.

    So that is why there are ways what are practically working and there are what not.
    And walking the Journey to Life for 7-14 years: it works, anyone who walks it - can ensure it within Self-honesty.

    Because Applying the Living Self-forgiveness means facing, changing, letting go, stopping and understanding, directing and transcending.

    So that is why I walk it that is why I commit myself to write every day to walk through a pattern every day and change myself in a point, day by day walking through - and it is not a work what is hard - it is who I am - so actually it can be enjoyed as Self.

    Returning to the topic of Series, Films: There are some categories within Movies, Series what I have defined myself to be 'interested in'.
    Such as: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action, Art, Comedy

    These types if I do not experience enough, then I go searching for that and then I can experience my reactions, my strive, my initial personality to reflect back within and as energy.

    I am exploring some word-associations what with I react for what is the reason to watch Series, Movies of those kind:

    Science Fiction - modern perfect mechanics, machines operated by energy and proven to be great, powerful and modern, futuristic

    • Action: power, being powerful, brute force, anger, emotions, fear, loss, bravery, vengeance
    • Fantasy: child tales, dragons, magic, wizards, fairies, evil, good, monsters, artifacts, fate
    • Art: beauty, deep, profound, transcendental, meaningful, moving, twisting and shivering
    • Comedy: humor, life force, laugh, cheer, feelings, romantics
    So I will continue decomposing with these words what I am in relationship THROUGH the mind of thoughts, feelings, emotions and not LIVING directly as SELF HERE so therefore I am as starting point responsible for the perceived separation, the strive for dualistic mind of being in and as experience of Consciousness Systems.

    I suggest to investigate how human mind operates

    Also I suggest to research how our lives are being directed, influenced by Money

    And To explore the practical understanding of our economy, our monetary system, educate Self within Common sense

    Never too late to start exploring Self-support with the FREE course of Desteni I Process LITE

    And read many-many 7 Years to Journey to Life blogs daily here, written by normal individuals who realized the effectiveness of daily writing of Self-forgiveness, Self-correction.


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