Saturday, October 26, 2013

[JTL 129] Self-commitment: Priorities and TV Series, Movies

I write Self-commitments for decide, to have direction and specifically about points give myself the clarity of what is my will what I am currently manifesting in action.

About Film, Movie watching - I made the habit to watch films, series and that was fun and watched through some some fun but as I am engaging towards production more seriously - I do need time - not just alone-computer-time but actually effective 'abstract' time towards people as well.

And movies are so long and most of them are clichee anyway - especially the action ones - it is enough to watch some of those in a year and the trend will change anyway.

About Fantasy I wrote before - and science fiction I still have reactions - especially some recent new movies - but they will wait for me and in that topic there is rare the really cool anyway, so that is irrelevant.

I would not be Self-honest if I would deny my affection towards films, movies - so that is why I write about it so extensively here - and each post is a puzzle within the whole picture.

There was also a moment when I decided to watch more movies - when the fast broadband internet and the torrent era came in - to just watch contemporary movies, to see how they manage the edit, the camera work, the grade, the acting, the effects - especially I enjoyed the WERK-films.

But recently I realize I kind of got bored of those anyway - I know everything what I wanted - no need to watch these more and in fact the most precious part of myself is the effective time I can apply to activities.

So then I even share what I commit to LIVE as myself, even from the very moment of writing it down - should be clear - secrets are of the mind and supports separation, hierarchy, fear - I do not need to hide any fears - I want to let go, transcend all fears.

So Self-commitments on TV-Series, Movies.

I commit myself to not be the slave of experience in any way whatsoever and always consider facts, physical reality and the direction I am walking.

I commit myself to not define movies, tv-series as a must to watch, I let go the need, the strive, the self-definition that I am this guy who likes to watch movies, learn, study, and see my reactions.

I commit myself to not get lost in the experience of watching Series, Movies - if I experience that - I stop, I breathe, I re-align myself here, constantly here, and still experience it - be aware of the mind, but not as it, not of it - I am here.

I commit myself to always consider my priorities when I want to watch movie, series - 'Do I have more important thing to do than watch movie, series?' and answer to that within absolute self-honesty.

I commit myself to stop all thoughts, feelings, reactions towards watching movies, series - which one I want to watch or which one not - I simply decide in the moment within the consideration of priorities, time, commitments.

I commit myself to remain here when I watch Series - even when the episode ends intensely - I consider - do I have time, is it practical to continue, do I have more important things to do? I watch an other just because of the tension, the intensity, the curiosity even when I have overdue scheduling?

I commit myself to be able to stop any series, movies at any time without any reaction, any thought, any feeling - I simply stop it and I am here and that was an experience and then the next one and the in one breath I am still here.

I commit myself to see my reactions when watching movies, series, what is coming up, anxiety, worry, curiosity, fear, desire - and I see is it relevant, is it practical is it really supporting me? And if not then I simply stop, let it go and I remain here within and as breathing.

I commit myself to stop defining some specific/ specific kind of films, movies as 'must watch' such as blockbuster science fictions, or action movies of some actors who I've defined as great before - I simply let all definitions go here - one by one and all at the same time - as it comes but I stop watching movies and series by default.

I commit myself to stop defining myself regarding to series, movies - stop comparing myself to actors, events, scenarios, plots from films, movies through throughts, automatic associations - I remain here, empty, clear in all moments and if something comes up as thinking, feeling - I stop, I stop it, I re-align myself to be here, directive, present.

I commit myself to stop all personality, consciousness manifestations, definitions, reactions, movements within and as me what is from films, movies to tell me who I must be, how I must be as I am clear who I am as presence, physical in and as here.

I commit myself to stop the desire to be in a movie, to live a life as being in a movie - I am here - undefined, physical, here.

There are much more important things to do than entertainment - and while doing that - there is still possible to enjoy movies but within Self-honesty: to be obsessed and lost in the experience of movies is unacceptable.
Especially when considering many humans, beings are being abused within the current economic, political system what is nothing else but the external reflection of our inner starting point, which can and will be changed - by accumulation of individuals who can consider new paradigms, establishments, systems within the living of a dignified life is guaranteed. That is not utopia, just check out there are actual steps of manifesting it within several countries, for a betterment of the human system itself.

It is obvious that the corporate and economic feudalism must be changed, and there are great places on the internet to be educated about the facts, the possible scenarios, discuss with beings who are able to consider more than Self-interest within common sense, which should be much-much more common.

So check out these sites where people discuss about possible practical solutions:

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