Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dream from last night

Actually the kids are crying at the neighbourhood, many times I hear, they are in hell.

So but anyway, here is my last dream was strong one, and I even do not know it is lasted or not haha so what is sure I am here I breath

I was quite interesting dream.
I just slept about 2:30
It was not easy to fall asleep, thoughts came upon but at the end and after lot of being voice of self-forgiveness and like that as I remember the last one I could not self-forgivenessed, but not remember, just I stated I am life as the breath and I slept in very soon...
Strange dream I had about I am in a place where people are very busy, everything is well "clean", all has almost white cloths, but bit greylike. And everyone were busy to preparing themselves for going in to the matrix.

And after that I got the msg: I come now.
I went into another room, and some people I saw from the window, they were very busy and getting equipping with some things, and after all the door opened, like a custom place, I stepped in and a window bubbled out from the wall, and inside that a soldire sat, and he was quite busy to making the papers preparing for me to "step in". Ok, it was well quite long process, I had time to look his nice clear, ironed shirt, and what I realised there was an eagle! on his shoulder, you know, like everywhere, the sign of authority, and I started to walk up and down in that little room, I saw others still "going in" and at this "customslike window" there was a panel, like a tray, you know, and with my 2 hands, like King kong, I raised both hands upon my head and banged down very intensely onto this little pult. And it was bit like like plasticid, deformed from my super-hit. And I raised my eyebrow under my forehead about like "what a fuck?" and at this time the custom guy in the wall in his box with that signs on his shoulder said

And i started to walk some steps back and again and I saw some strong guys in light grey cloths came out from the wall, just like in a dream, and started to reach me, and I remember I said aloud
I am life as me as the breath as one and equal

And until that I as I heared my voice and realised I am lying on a matrace in my appartment and was my first experience the my own spit on the blanket and my mind got that picture and after that I realised what dream I came from and laughed but still breathing, strange but very very fascinating in the same time...
So I woke up, it is not the end of the dream...
I saw the picture about I write it on the forum, and after that I said i forgive myself about using pictures in my mind and after that I came into my room and still breathing and realised this is now "my room" what is just this mind still...and next what was breath! is the key, I opened the window, and very cold here at ~5:00AM and I just breathed and I just saw a big black car slowing down under the door of my house(my appartman is on 4th floor) and I breathed, and the car almost stopped at the entrance, but slowly turned around and parked down maybe 30 m over...And I experienced this is still my mind, and emotion bit came, but dunno, all my body started to shaking from cold, and I realised this is now also me, and I watched that car, and one man stood out from that car and I was confused...what know...what is going on but was like not thoughts, but yes, were but like more quiet little pictures, and I realised again wha hah hah
And ok I started to sit front of the computer but was dark, but I did not turned on the light you know, because of that was like still in that dream...and a went back to the window, I saw that man standing near the car, using his phone and calling...My first thought was like ok hes now calling me, but anyway "what tha fuck" was inside of me, so I said I forgive myself that I allowed and accepted to fear, and as I said it aloud, someone came to this car with a big bag and they packed in and drove away, and I closed the door, because was very very froozy....turned on the light, and start to find this topic and start to typing
ha ha, so mind is like that, very playful..
and now i am still very sleepy but anyway the mind is not going around, just like very old lady with a cane slowly *YAWNING* goes I eat and drink some -body is very hungry - and go back to "sleep" soon
and as I typed this, the breath became superficial like before so now count and breath

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