Thursday, January 24, 2008

I give up everything what is the creation of my mind


I stop

I stop everything, stop lying, stop hiding, stop being not honest, especially stop being self-dishonest.

I stop wanting to make music, I stop sex, I stop drugs, I stop playing computergames.
I stop painting, I stop eat meat, I stop being hippy, I stop being smiley, I stop being peaceful.
I stop fighting, I stop being closed, I stop lending I stop stealing, I stop fearing.
I stop laughing I stop crying I stop being neutral.
I stop thinking I stop feeling I stop being emotional.
I stop even stopping too in mind as the mind.
I stop the mind, no matter the cost, no other way, it is inevitable.

I am me as me as life as the breath as one as equal.

I am the unification of men already

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