Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am here

I am here as words

What ifs

What if as I preprogrammed myself, I put the deprogramming too?

As I look back - the seeds of the doubt were everywhere, that was stopped me for lying that I am living those words, what I spoked before, because deeply inside I always knew, it cant be, but until that something I needed to not to run around like a frightened wraith, to remain stable until I am ready. This one little hairthreadlike doubt what brought me here, to be able face with self, honestly, which allowed to just pull down all my life before into the toilet IN ONE MOMENT - but I needed some process to reveal the details until that point where I can effectively share my process for those who are ready to stop lieing, to start living, to DO something for onness and equality on earth, trough the living words, as the realisation of the I am as life as breath. I meet many people at desteni who are unexpectedly, amazing people who are ready to face the very truth of the very core of our inner being. That gives me more insight in to me: this is the intimacy, the reason, the way, the cause and the effect of the absolute self-intimacy: In to me I see

What if I am placed specially where no one can give positive feedback for the realisation of I am?

Will see, but I do not see other's future: I stand up as me as the realisations of me in onness and equality as the unification of me - which is already here, just I have to realise that. Yes I used to hide, Yes I wanted to lie, and what is the difference now about I stop lie, I stop to hide? From a perspective of the system: nothing, from the perspective from others who are still stuck into their preprogrammed real ET: will see. But the system is also aware, and it will be free from me.I understand that as I transform myself to me as one and equal, I am becoming the walking example of the realisation of the unified man as I am as the living word as the breath. So there is no more what to do, what to think, no more what have to be realised, what has to be learned, what has to be released.

What if one day in this lifetime can STOP extensively, totally, all what I programmed to believe, to "live", to "feel", to "think", to "touch", to "create" just stop?
I remain stable as the breath as me as the expression of life in this world, but not of this world, just being here, for support me and others as one as me. This is the reason why am I here on earth, probably all of my lives were about this, and I do not want to see my shit anymore, I reached the point where I can backtrack, and can destabilize and can destroy and delete my creation, whas just based on hiding, lie and anyway was not me as me as life. There is much to do, there is much to face, and there is much what maybe will be rough, but as I am me as me, there is no other way, there is no other what I want. For me actually this world is valueness, sad, empty and I see no reason to hold it inside me anymore. I realised that blaming others and walking around like a warrior, just causes more shit, more deception, more confusion, so I just stop. STOP STOP STOP.

What if I stop seeing forward into future and just breath and with my wholeness I just do this?

Well, in this case I can release my burden and just letting me breath. I stop being hungry for information about me, about the world, about how can I support others as me to support the children for creating heaven on earth, without bondage, without mind, without rules and without unequal balancing out. I stop fear from me, stop fear what I am capable, I stop doubting, I stop moving in mind as mind.

What if all of the realisation of the I am of the process is just a mask, an another layer?

Haha this is cool, because no other way to face it, to just breath and be in present, to prove it for myself: it is possible, yes, it is my destiny, to stop fight, to save me. And I am sure the mind is just an another mask but until I wear this as me, I do not see over it really, so time to stop.

What if all what people do share at Desteni is true?

This one is especially for those who are still stuck in polarity: Well: time to do, time to do what is obvious, what is inevitable, what is our purpose: STOP. In this world, everybody are lost. Do you want to save the world? Save yourself! If you realise that point about oh shit, all true: time to deprogram your personalities, behaviour, ALL. What you know one day YOU have to do it for YOUrself. I can not do it, also people at desteni can not do it, the question is self-honesty. Sounds so shity this? Absolute self-honesty? Absolute self-trust, absolute self-will, absolute self-power? Than what do you want? What do you want to believe and why?

What if I tell the truth for everybody who I meet with?
I stabilize that what I already realised, for supporting me and others as me as others as one as equal.

What if I do not feel any reaction inside?

This means I should go into intense moments, where my mind possible wheels up, possible tunes on, for dig out more shit until it is done.

In last night I started to see REALLY in my phisical manifestation of events of my life about if I am self-honest, absolute self-honest: the illusion reveals itself obviously, specificly, honestly.

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Zach said...

It's amazing how powerful just stopping can be. To just exist, and nothing more. To interrupt the mind with complete silence, at any time.