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Gurdjieff 1 from Afterlife -The unification of man as I am

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Hello, this is Gurdjieff and I am here to speak about my experience after I died.
Well, the White Light really influences me extensively, because of my life here on earth and after I died. I had come so close but yet also so far of certain realizations of my experience of the
unification of men as I am. Close - but not the certainty of the actual manifestation of the expression of the words of what the I am the unification of I am actually means.
I died before I could actually write my realizations. I had many realizations, I knew much, I lived much, I understood much, but I had to find the way for the people to understand what it is that I have found. So I've designed multiple different ways to, which was almost like my own process while here on earth in the realisation what is required, in terms of the unification of men as I am.
And I died before I could accomplish the manifestation of the realisation and even write down my realisation of what it means to unify man as I am. I did not finish and I did not even have time to explain all that I actually have found to express all that I have found as I am experience.
I made mistakes, I made certain judgements and I made certain comments which was my understanding at that time then near close to my death I had the quantum realisation in one moment of I am expression and it was shortly after that I was removed from this earth by the White Light or the White Brotherhood, because human beings on earth that come any - that used to come before 2 years ago - that used to come any closer to the realisation of the I am: would be removed immediately. Unfortunately such human beings did manifested which is usually referred as anomalies. Something within the design of equated program systems that is not able to be forseen. The balances out the ultimate equation of the manifestation of programed systems.And I was one of them.
I had in that moment of the realisation of I am - seen exactly how to practicly have others realise I am realised in that moment on earth, that I am is the I that exists as all infinitely, but not as the picture you see, not as the world you see: it is the I - the one - the I as one : that must be understood within all of men for the final unification of the manifestation of I am.
Then so when I died, I crossed over and I was reincarnated again, but this time I was reincarnated as a begger on the street and I have been a begger on streets, before the remainder of my experience in existence until up to 2 years ago, because any being that has realised the I am, here on earth is compromised and therefore they will be placed, where they able to be contained and be watched over to make sure that such realisations of the I am never occur again there in such placements of no education and no money and no support of this world, so the I am realisation is not able to be realised come true.
Thank you very much, this is Gurdjieff.

Gurdjieff 2 from Afterlife - WHY Man must Unify: DESTENI

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This is gurdjieff, and I am speaking of why man must unify.
It is not a must, it is a inevitability. Why man in inevitability all must unify.
Because of man, each men is already the unification of man.
Let us not find reasons or purposes for the unification of man, but be the starting point of each in the realisation that I am already a unified man.
Why ? It is simple: if we have a begining for a reason and a purpose of the unification of men coming from the perspective of this world being the status or expression that it is, we give hope, we give falsehood. How do we give hope and falsehood? If our starting point for the reason and purpose
for the unification of men is of this world, we give power to that which exists of this world.
The reason and purpose for the unification of men is not of this world. It's not of because of this world currently. It is because of the simple statement I am the unified man.
Have a look. This being the starting point for each, the starting point of I am the unified man, each one standing at that point: the unification of men is here. Because from this statement, you're able to see immediately that which you are not, that is of this world, that is required to be stopped, released, removed, let go on, let go off, from the very core of your inner being.
That is the unified man. The I am. As all as one. The unified, the word in itself already
encomposes the words equal and one.
I am a unified man. Thank you very much. This is Gurdjieff.

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