Friday, January 18, 2008

The unification of men is here

The unification of men is already here!

I am Talamon, and I have decided to share my insights as honestly as I am actually. I have a quite ride life and now as I am starting to understand what is going on inside this body (called Talamon) and outside of this body (called earth), I am shareness, I am opennes, I am starting to be alive at first time in this lifetime, which is quite fascinating.

Until this year, I was hiding, especially I have used my knowledge and realisations in my life to hide, to wait, to be not absolute self-honest, which can not continue anymore. I am standing up and as I am being onness and equality with me as me, it is useful to be as more opened as I can.

I always wanted to know the truth, beyond everything and everybody, and I always wanted to give up ANYthing in my life to realise self-freedom, but I was always scared about to ACT this.

Now I got an opportunity - the last - to change me extensively and at the first time to experience the freedom of me. In this world. To be in this world, but not of this world.

I have been always lost - as I start to explain my story of life, it will be revealed.
I have found a page, where at first time, the truth is revealed, but not only about information and knowledge and some silly statements, but practical guidelines for getting free of this situation what we have on this world, but sharing common sense, and exposing the process of self-freedom, self-forgiveness, self-honesty, self-trust, etc without any bullshit, without any spiritualism, without any esoteric cult-like smell, without trying to see the world like perfect.
I was in spiritualism very deeply, and what I experienced? That is not me, that is not true, that is not effective to support me as WHO I AM REALLY, as life as one as equal as the breath in every single moment. Without secrets, without hierarchy, without masters-slaves, without ascension, without any belief in enlightenment or god, without any of mind which is our bondage, which is what we became.

The Earth is dying, hundreds of children are dying in every single minute - I wont sit any longer and see this - this would be the biggest rape with the words: onness and equality. I am one with all brutal destroying? I am one with destroying my very own nature, as the birds, as the trees, the rivers, the oceans, all the planet? No. I stop. I stop participating with this, because I am honestly fed up with my human destructive, self-dishonest nature. I fed up with bondages, with limits, with that 'ignorance is bliss' - fuck it, you have to see what you've became, there is no more choice left as I see.

The problem is this choice. And this is your last chance. After this is no turning back, you know, like in Matrix. You choose LIFE without compromise, without limits, without any dishonesty in EVERY MOMENT -- or you choose that what you are doing right now. It is about you.
I would like to invite you to see into me, how I experience, what I experience, why I experience.

I share myself in to me SEE. This is my self-intimacy. In to me I see.

For now that's it, from a speficic perspective this is the end, the begining of the end and the ending of the begining. My all life was about playing with words, now the words are coming back to me to play with me to shake everything in my life what I trusted before.

Thank you very much,

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I Am jjohnathannn and Ihave known for some time you, I and the universe (God) are one. We all have a common plane or energy of which we are made. When we all begin to realise this, we know all that there is to know; we will be able to go anywhere using our mind--in the future, past and any dimension, any galaxy--anywhere, any time.. for the reality is there is no time in space; no walls;no separation or individuality; oh yes we have soul self but we are also one. We shall all understand this. It is predicted that in May, 2010 this shall be realized--that is this sense of duality shall disappear.
Peace , Health, & Abundance to all
(As Jesus said "I am here to bring LIFE and that more ABUNDANTLY")