Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On Dimensional beings

I should to start with that they are not separated from us...just we had limited ourselves...
Not easy to explain this, soo much things...if you read Hitler's story..theese questions will be answered (and just scroll down to Hitler's articles)

in short: the dimensional beings do not have mind, not have mind consciousness system, but the beings what "they really are" is still influenced with that what they experienced on earth as mind consciousness system - they are in human beings bodies being busy to assist human beings to stop their mind consciousness system... and they are still in the process...
also they are busy in that what people should influence to the world : they send theese effects of thoughts, emotions, feelings back to the experiencer's own reality to realize what they became
...what we this is why our "ride" is getting more rough...everything what we did, do is coming right back to our own life to assist, to speed up the realisation...something like that, but this is not explains much, I suggest just go trough on the material on desteni...

History of Mankind

Merv Griffin 1 from the AFTERLIFE
Merv also gives a perspective on what he experienced on cross over, what is dimensions, how they "see", what they do

Story of Bernard:
but here what I mentioned before (i was in that you read theese before;)
Especially on how he decided to delete the White Light:
Bernard Poolman - Life and Death

Desteni Productions : The Audrey Hepburn Series - She explains quite lot of process

First Molecule interview on The BEGINNING of Creation
(down there are the structural resonance articles)

Veno - PRACTICAL support and Guidance with Self Forgiveness

Veno - PRACTICAL support and Guidance with SELF Forgiveness--Part 2

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