Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dream on hq, thoughts, Bernard

I just read Veno's story at first time as I explored Structural Resonance and it was the most interesting reading in my life.

After that I've decided to sleep, and as I put myself onto my sleeping bag and zipped in, I just slept in very soon, before that I did some whispering self-forgiveness.
I found myself in a room. The walls were white, there was a sofa, and near to it a table, front of this a wall.
I was on that sofa, and I just sitting there nothing special, but it was like I did not have mind, so was strange, I still felt my memories but was not there, just like somewhere else very far away...but I even not realised that in that time. But I realised that near me is Bernard sitting, and his face was like LJ but more likely a borderguard guy, who I worked with him recently at airport and was very cool guy but he didnt liked to work for the system, still he did it for some time before he can go soon to retirement, but anyway, I even could not realised what happening, because I was/am still influenced with the White Light, but I was just sitting there, and Bernard also was like sitting, or making funny faces silently or he even just layed back and seemed to slept, but not really. Those were my projections. Anyway, I was looked around, there was an another table in the middle of the room, and I started to see Bernard again, but he was like who is "sleeping" haha. It was like a bit when you are a child and some teacher calls you at his room and just sit near you but does not say anything, just you are there, and I felt little embaracement, but not many, I remembered for Andrew's first video, was a very littlebit like that. Anyway I started to just stare the wall, and it was like this for a while. After that I started to realize that I see many writing on that wall,firstly just some, were like felt-tip penned texts, little drawings, just front of me. Oh that's why I stared that, I was like that...was like some "plan", some design, some explanation...Ok I slowly moved my "head" around, -I do not remember for my body, etc - and I saw ALL of the walls are full of like that, maybe also on the sofa. And I looked back to Bernard and he showed many papers in his hand, and was smiling and those papers were like thin little cardlike flexible ones - but many, around more than hundred. Anyway I choosed one and I started to look that as I turned it around,
and I saw a writing on it. I started to read, but I realised shit, I do not have mind to read it, so it was like I was on acid really. Not easy to read, and as I "try" - does not work like that...I even experienced the letters disappeared and moved arond to play with me to escape from my focus like little kids. After that I read that, but I did not remember, there was mininum 2 or 3 sentences. Ah, I held it for a time, I realized that I can read without mind, but was like being one with that paper and just really be one and equal from a perspective...Anyway after a time I gave it back to him, and he looked me, and asked - no I am not sure, but I am sure I wanted to be sure I understand what was that, but I even not remembered to any words on it, so I said something like that : "my thoughts contains the solution for how to release them". And he showed again the pack of papers with his hand and he was smiling, making fun with his face a bit like on mischiveous way. Ok I drew another, and I started to read that, but was bit like much, in the begining I understood "country" something like that, but was not like that I was not sure...I am too much influenced with mind to got that message really. And those cards were like a "problem/solution" cards in diferent situations, but I did not get that one at any way whatsoever. I gave it back to Bernard and at that moment I looked to left and I saw 2 child came into the room, one was bigger, the small one was like one year old, the bigger one was like 1m 10cm, he's head was bit strange but like a child too. And that child said to Bernard that this kid can say back his name about who is he. Bernard said to him cool and
in the next moment I woke up here in my room and I was like amazed, also on that I just "changed" reality in one moment without any transformation, just like as you close a window on screen.. and now just typed it what I remember.

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