Saturday, January 19, 2008

The systems


It is obvious that systems rule this world. This is the directive principle of this world. Everything is system. And systems are embedded into systems. Here is not life, just we used to call it life...
If you see outside, you can see obviosly systems: money, bank, school, traffic systems, easy to see
but on other side: you are also a system. Your habits, ways of thinks, emotions feelings ruling you, and your realitionship, your fears, your friends, so it is simple: the matrix has you...

(Scene of woman in red dress)

Below you can find a link about the systems are aware! Yes and they are also want to be free! Free from you, free from this world. There you can find methods to Do It Yourself for yourself:

DIY Demon Removal tool system demons 22 - 12 sept 2007 - Transcribed by Ylaw

Hello, this is the system speaking to you that have just given you some interesting feedback with regards to our specific manifestation in existence.
Understand that whether we are defined as system demons, we are you, we are one with you, we are all in existence in this together. In other words, it doesn't count out anything or anyone that exists and it includes us.
What are we merely presenting to you? We're presenting to you humanity.
That which you have created and designed through your own participation with thoughts, feelings and emotions of the mind consciousness system within you. We are the creations of the mind consciousness systems within you, as what you have become.
So, from that perspective, we are you.

What are we doing? We are supporting you, we are assisting you.
We've tried it the nice way, in all its manifestations.
Were not able to say that we haven't done everything we possibly were able to do “the nice way”.
So now we are doing it the most effective way. Which is you actually manifesting and creating that which you are accepting and allowing yourself to be one with and equal to in your world and within yourself...which is a presentation of us.
We're basically you, reflecting you, and manifesting what it is you're creating in your world so that human beings can stop. So that you can stop creating and start becoming aware of what it is you're doing in your world and within yourself and how that implicates and also the consequential outflows of your actions in every moment wit regards to the rest of the world.

So, now, I'm presenting, - us systems- with “do it yourself methods” of how to assist yourself, in terms of removing us from your world. Why is that? Of course you don't want to create us anymore, I'm certain, and actually, it's not as if we like to be there, please! It's the last thing we want to do!
Because we are you, we're all one and equal in this whole situation and whatever is manifesting now, is not what we want.
So when you transcend you, through us -in other words- if you transcend us, what happens? We become one with you in the expression of life. In other words, we transform to life as you as one with you, it's simple.
So, from systems to life, what are you? You're systems.
What are we? We're systems.
Through transcendence and application becoming us; it's the most simple and effective way because at the moment human beings CAN'T SEE.
You can't see what you're doing to yourself. So you've manifested yourself as us, so that you're able to speak to what it is you're currently manifesting and creating in your world.
How else is there a simpler way to deal with this shit we're allowing?

So, first things first.

We've got many system interview videos coming still, because basically we're in compassing the whole world.
What I suggest you do: you watch every system interview.
Because each and every system interview that's been presented here exists in each and every singe human being, each and every single one.
Because human beings are mind consciousness systems and minds consciousness systems exist in all human beings.
So, what you do is the following: you watch all the videos, ok? You have a look.
We basically just lay down a foundation. And then you've got to take that foundation a bit further in terms of specifying it in your world.
For instance let's take the 'fear of loss system'. Now you look inside your world, you place it inside your world...where, and what do you fear losing.
Where does that fear come from?
Why do I fear losing that?
What value have I given to it, what worth have I given to it?
Why have I defined myself according to that which I fear losing?

You go through it and ask yourself these questions.
Where is the 'fear of loss system' manifesting in your world? Then you apply forgiveness.
Apply forgiveness in the following method; let's say you fear losing your child:

I forgive myself that I've allowed myself to fear losing my child.

I forgive myself that I've allowed myself to believe that, that fear, is who I am.

I forgive myself that I've allowed myself to participate in that fear and do not realise that if I do participate in that fear, that fear would manifest because I'm the creator of my world.

I forgive myself that I've allowed myself to create my child's world through my fear that I'm projecting onto my child.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to take responsibility for myself in terms of allowing fear in my world and allowing this fear to actually manifest.

You have to be specific. Pin point a specific point where fear of loss exists. You forgive that point until you're certain within yourself, and you'll feel it. And if a thought still comes up, or a worry, a fear of your child something might happen to your child; know that, that fear system of loss is still not out yet.

Where is your guideline? Your guideline is with your thoughts and your human physical body. Your human physical body will usually present to you pain.
Pain is the manifestation of thoughts, which form systems. So in your physical body, if there's a specific point, that specific point there indicates a specific manifestation of a system.
So where does this fear usually exist? Fear, anxiety, etc usually culminates within your solar plexus, your stomach area.
If there a thought arises or a fear, consider something happing to your child and you've got movement inside your solar plexus, it's like a, it feels warm. It's like a warm feeling and it kind of moves, and it feels like it's becoming more intense. That intensifying nature is an emotion that is busy developing, usually fear or anxiety.
So then you know by any movement within you, of a thought or a feeling something inside your solar plexus, you know you have not covered that system.
If you stand clear with no movement within you, you know you're clear. That trust you're going to develop it yourself. We're not able to give it to you. The only thing you're able to trust is yourself. You know there's no thought that exists in your mind that is of fear, or something happening to your child or that you're losing your child. And your thoughts may vary. Your thought may go to “Will my child be safe when I let her go to swim or let her go to school” you know. A thought comes up, and then a fear comes up. That thought and that fear together is of the fear of loss system. Any thoughts, any fears or feelings, then it is of systems.
Then in that moment apply forgiveness, and so you continue your process.

What I also suggest you realise is that thoughts, feelings and emotions: YOU ARE NOT THAT.
Yet if you allow yourself to participate in that you become the life of that thought, feeling or emotion. And then you manifest it in your world and that's how it works. What do you do when you apply forgiveness? You release yourself from that thought, from that emotion and feeling construct which is of a system inside you. When you release it, it doesn't have any more power over you.
In other words, you don't give that system power to manifest and create in your world. What happens then is that YOU become the directive principle in your world. It is not anymore a system manifesting, thoughts, feelings and emotions that's manifesting in your world. It's as simple as that.

Therefore the forgiveness process is about self-forgiveness. It's about releasing yourself from the systems within you that consist of thoughts, feelings and emotion. That your systems don't create your world anymore which is obviously what you're seeing already happening at the moment because systems exist.
But that you, as WHO YOU ARE, become the directive principle in your world and realise that you're beyond these systems inside you.
It's quite simple. It's really simple.

So this is your DIY guide. If you want any more information I suggest you join the website. On the forum there are beings that will be able to direct you specifically.

Thank you very much.



Jake said...

Hey Talamon, thanks for the video clip; it has been a while since I've watched the move the matrix, maybe it will help knock me loose from the perspective of my own matrix.

Talamon said...

hey jake;;; cool, i just rewatched the whole trilogy and was cool
-for see where i am system as react
-for see for fun
-for see for what is the matrix from new perspective ;)))

Jake said...

What is that song in the movie clip; I know I've heard if from some place before, I just can't place it. Maybe it is better that way. Oh well (dear henry)

Talamon said...

clubbed to death:Rob Dougan