Monday, January 28, 2008

Moment, afraid, mind, Structural Resonance

react on a letter on "meditation" to stop the mind and why afraid and anger comes up and we fall out from moment

Hey June

yes me too, I can take out the mind but actually not helps, this talamon is still the mind game...and if I click it off, ME come out who is a little kid who is still afraid from this world, I am so supressed, like the dimensional being who is ME is like pushed down, and has the ability to stop the mind, but like that as the being who I am really, actually starts to explore this earth like pictures but, as it is now, becomes afraid, and reboots the mind..strange, isnt it?
Probably needs patience...Bernard f.e. said that needs many loong years to clean the unconscious, subconscious, conscious mind first extensively to being able to just be ourselves..with applicative I see it...Before it I did it many times with drugs, but like that just I comphounded my systems and as my starting point was deceived - all my percepcions just were same mind projection than before..
For me that's why I choosed self-forgiveness, as I develop the self-honesty, I can go deeper and deeper, why am I afraid so much...and on other way in theese moments just the layers opening, it is quite okey - but not fom the perspective of the mind...we have to cut our identification with it, and the Structural Resonance for me comes in here...
The rest of self-forgiveness list on the structural resonance points are still coming, but theese are the main ones(I am not sure, but for me yes)...and that Structural Resonance article itself is very revealing, why and how we connect to this mind-world.and it explains lot..and for me Hitler's story is still so... so helpful to put on perspective the whole process...but after the half of it starts with self-forgiveness, until just he places him on the begining he is more on to describe the world systems and being him as demon
he was really really a lost terrible demon but not at all still in that situation...and you see he did it, now he is innocent..;) so we can make it for sure ;)
thanks tala

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